The Purpose of Water Coolers

Water coolers are cool things. They dispense water for people who are thirsty. They can make the water inside of them cold or hot. They are very convenient and they come in various sizes to compliment the user or owner. There are to classifications of Mains Fed water coolers . We have the bottle-less and the bottled water cooler. These water coolers have the same purpose, they both dispense water, they both have hot and cold faucets and they are both water coolers. Although, they have one thing that makes them different. The first one requires no bottled waters and the other one requires them.

Let us talk about the first one. Bottle-less water coolers are those type of coolers that are connected to a water source or a water tank. These water coolers are connected via hose or pipes to the said water source in which water flows back to the coolers. This is convenient because it does not need to have water bottles as their source of water and just sits there and has unlimited water, unless the water source runs out of water that is. There is a hiccup though, while these office water coolers are great because they have lots of water in them, the concern is if whether the water that flows in them is clean. There can be instances that the water source that is used by these water coolers are dirty and have bacteria in it which can cause stomach aches and even sickness to people who drink from it.

On the other hand, we have its brother, the bottled water cooler. This water cooler is a bit of old school. It is because this water cooler needs to be fitted with a water bottle, a big one to make it more clear. This water bottle is the one that gives supply to the water cooler for it to dispense water. The disadvantage for this one is that it requires a water bottle to be ordered from a local store and have it delivered to the person who has a water cooler. They also have to lift and water bottle and insert it above the water cooler so that it can have a steady supply. This makes it tiring and can make a mess if not careful. But you can be sure that it is clean because you order the bottle water yourself. So when buying a water cooler, do your homework first to get the best deal for you.